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Mo Cha Special Brick Toast
Coconut Pudding (L)
Crazy Oreo Brick Toast
Mocha Snow Cream w/ Read Bean
Choco Choco Brick Toast
Lobster Ball
Thai Tea
Mango Smoothie
Affogato Al Caffe
Rose Honey
Popcorn Chicken
Black Tea w/ Sea Salt Cream


We are passionate about what we do. We are tea & dessert lovers.

Our simple philosophy is to serve the best drink/food to our lovely customers.

Why our tea beverages are better than others?

We use premium tea leaves imported directly from our partnering tea farm in Taiwan. Our signature black tea, Jasmine Green Tea and Oolong tea are all freshly hand-picked every season.

We are hoping to create a menu that every single item listed is delicious. And we believe fresh ingredients are the key to savory drink/food. So, we brew our tea freshly, every hour to be precise. Every single cup of our drinks is hand crafted and made to order. When every order is placed, we make it and use the traditional shaker to customize the flavor and tea for perfection. Our snow cream, brick toasts, coconut puddings are all freshly hand made using fresh ingredients from many local suppliers.

We strive to let our drinks/food delight your day :)

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If you are passionate like us, please join our team. Simply fill out our job application below and send to mochateahouse@gmail.com. Please indicate which location is desired.


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